Happy Chinese New Year! We Celebrate the Year of the Horse

Chinese New YearHappy Chinese New Year! Today marks the first of the 15-day celebration of the Chinese new year, beginning with the first new moon of the calendar year. This is the end of the water snake, and the beginning of the year of the wooden horse. The Chinese zodiac is a calendar system originating in the Han dynasty (206-220BC), which names each of the years in its 12-year cycle after an animal: the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig, in that order. It also associates each animal with one of the  five elements – earth, water, fire, wood and metal – which interact with the 12 animals, resulting in the specific character of the year ahead.

People born in the year of the horse are said to be a bit like horses: animated, active and energetic – they love being in a crowd. They are quick to learn independence, and they have a straightforward and positive attitude towards life. They are known for their communication skills and are exceedingly witty.

Normandy had a great celebration for this day as well, where the FEI Alltech World Equestrian Games 2014 Normandy are taking place. Click here to see what celebrations were in store!

This year is said to be one where people will stand firm on their principles, and is also said to be a good year for travel and advetnure. So be ready to get out there and try new adventures with your equine friend!

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