APHA Cancels National Shows and adds Chrome Cash to A Sudden Impulse Futurity

National Shows sidelined for 2022, with new all-around Chrome Cash events offered

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APHA will sideline the Eastern and Western National Shows for 2022, while also expanding its popular Chrome Cash program to new events for 2022.

Neither the Eastern nor Western National Show reached the outlined exhibitor levels nor the financial expectations in their first three years, including the 2021 events that took place at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida, and the SouthPoint Casino in Las Vegas, respectively.

“We’re going to take the next year to see what options might avail themselves and explore bringing these shows back at a later date,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said. “We’ll be looking for ways to increase participation and financial viability.”

In the meantime, APHA plans to offer at least two Chrome Cash all-around events in 2022; the first will take place in conjunction with A Sudden Impulse NSBA Show & Futurity at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida in April.

Chrome Cash has directly impacted APHA expansion in the reining, cutting and cow horse communities, and the association is now expanding that program to encompass more traditional all-around events, too. Learn more about Chrome Cash at apha.com/programs/chromecash.

“We’ve tapped into an approach that puts money into the pockets of our Paint exhibitors, and it’s had a dramatic impact into the number of participants and registration of Paint Horses,” Billy said.

To be considered for Chrome Cash, all-around events must be multi-discipline with a minimum of $25,000 added overall. By partnering with existing destination events, the goal of the program is to bring APHA incentives closer to regional exhibitors at multiple events across the country. The Chrome Cash program is a class-within-a-class format in which only registered APHA horses are eligible for exclusive payouts.

For more information about Chrome Cash for all-around events, contact Holly Slaughter at [email protected].


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One thought on “APHA Cancels National Shows and adds Chrome Cash to A Sudden Impulse Futurity

  • January 11, 2022 at 12:57 pm

    APHA has lost its mind. If they are expecting west coast exhibitors to drive to Florida to show in a show that isn’t even an APHA show, they are sadly mistaken. I attended this year’s Western Nationals Show. It was WELL attended – despite a spike in COVID, rescheduling of the Pinto World Show to be almost on top of it, and snow in the passes making travel less than safe. I had never even heard of Chrome Cash until they canceled the national shows. Most of us aren’t made of money – we plan and budget to go to one big show a year. Some people already have scheduled time off for the 2022 national shows that can’t be rescheduled. APHA, WE are your members. Without us, you are nothing. Stop putting a higher priority on making money than serving your members. Find a less expensive venue. Don’t spend so much on awards. All the money you’ll be pouring into making Chrome Cash more than a cutting, reining and ranch show could have been put into the national shows. Well, maybe it’s time to sell our Paints and find a breed that actually cares about its members showing their horses.

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