Imagine a World in Roan: American Roan Horse Association Hosts Inaugural World Championship Show in 2019

indexBy: Barbara Aitken Jenkins
(Originally published in the June 2019 Show Horse Today)

The American Roan Horse Association (ARHA) is hosting the first annual World Championship Show June 21-23 at the C Bar C Expo Center in Cloverdale, Indiana.

ARHA, true to their commitment to their members, listened when they were asked to develop a show to feature the roan horses at the highest level. Leaders in the association began working on creating the show two years ago and announced their plans to execute the 2019 World Championship Show earlier this year.

According to the ARHA website, “Roan” refers to a horse coat color pattern characterized by an even mixture of colored and white hairs on the body, while the head and “points”—lower legs, mane, and tail—are mostly solid-colored. Horses with roan coats have white hairs evenly intermingled throughout any other color. The head, legs, mane, and tail have fewer scattered white hairs or none at all. The roan pattern is dominantly inherited and is found in many horse breeds. While the specific mutation responsible for roan has not been exactly identified, a DNA test can determine zygosity for roan in several breeds.””

Cover-ipad(1)Exhibitors who own horses exhibiting these features are eligible to become members of ARHA and compete at the inaugural world championship show.

The show will feature classic style classes including all-around events. Various classes include western pleasure, hunter under saddle, horsemanship, showmanship, equitation, as well as trail, western riding, pleasure driving and halter.  However, the show will not include reining and cattle classes.  

In addition to the ARHA World Championship Show classes, the show will also offer NSBA classes in most Level 1, youth, amateur, and open classes.  All NSBA classes will have a jackpot payout.

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