¡Zips Chocolate Chip has gone to Siesta after a long and wonderful Fiesta!

ZCC-Trotting-KC-2005-edited copy¡Zips Chocolate Chip has gone to Siesta after a long and wonderful Fiesta!

Born: Cinco de Mayo, 5-5-85 to 9-3-15

¡Celebrate Chip’s Life!

¡Have a Cookie! ¡Eat some Chocolate!

Don’t send sympathies…..We want to hear about Fun Times, Fond Memories and any Impact Chip has had.

¡Send Stories!

Because of Zips Chocolate Chip, we have made so many friends from all over the world. Together we have created an unforgettable recipe for success and tons of fun…..Great, Great Memories!…..We appreciate each and every one of you. ¡Gracias!

Love You All!

Ann & Phil Myers

3 thoughts on “¡Zips Chocolate Chip has gone to Siesta after a long and wonderful Fiesta!

  • 4 September 2015 at 9:51 pm

    I had the pleasure to be the office manager where Chip stood from 1998-2003. Sometimes people would show up unexpectedly to see him. If no one was around to bring him out, I would take the visitors to his stall to see him. If he was in the back part of the stall I would walk in, put an arm over his neck and lead him to the front of the stall (no halter) so people could pet him. He was such a character. Loved his peppermints. Every now and then Joe would tell me to quit feeding them to him because he would think about getting, nippy – actually it was more lippy. He had the coolest personality! It was such a pleasure to see him every day, and tell people what a great horse he was. I am so blessed to have two daughters and a granddaughter of his.

  • 5 September 2015 at 5:21 pm

    I have a gorgeous daughter of Chip. She is 15.2, 1100 lbs and has the sweetest disposition and everything that comes with a “girly girl” demeanor. She can be sensitive but once she trusts you, she does what you ask with less assurance in herself but total confidence in you. She is pastured w my 16 hand, 1800 lb, gelding who, as stall raised futurity halter baby and can be a bully. She sized him up quickly and after several well-aimed hits from her dainty hooves, “manners” lessons were imprinted. She has accomplished in two months what thousands of training fees have failed to do; teach my gelding respect and how to be gentle. And, not just w her but with me. In the early days she would step in-between him and me, like she would a foal, and quickly let him know his bully behavior would not be tolerated in his interactions with me. This nurturing and caring temperment is combined with a desire to please. And it all comes from genetics. So daddy Chip, your legacy goes farther and broader than just your lifetime and show arena. It is steadfast in the hearts of your babies and those who own them.

  • 7 September 2015 at 8:34 am

    I am a former hunter/equitation rider from the English world on the East Coast. My son came up through 4H and was in need of a better horse for competition. He had decided to focus on riding Western. We were on a very limited budget and found a ad for a 3yo filly by ZCC on Craigslist that looked promising. The seller had no pictures, and I knew nothing about ZCC (or the Western world). I went to youtube and watched a video of ZCC and thought that if this filly was even remotely as good a mover, she’d be very useful for my son. We looked at her, loved her, and he went on to win everything locally with her including the county and state fair grand championship! My son has moved on to other interests, and the mare, Ring In The Chips, is now a beloved judged trail ride horse and recently passed the police assessment to be a volunteer mounted patrol horse. She does everything well!

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