2016 AQHA West Level 1 End-Of-Show Awards

[source: AQHA.com]

2016 AQHA West Level 1 End-Of-Show AwardsFarnam All-Around Amateur

Owner/Exhibitor: Brittany Runyan of Loveland, Colorado

Horse: Blazin Wilma, 2009 bay mare (Blazing Hot-Dont Miss This Lady by Dont Skip Zip)

Breeder: Jack Medows of Cuba, Missouri


Farnam All-Around Select Amateur

Owner/Exhibitor: Kim Burrell Gutowski of Littleton, Colorado

Horse: Toucht, a 2011 bay gelding (A Touch Of Sudden-Miss Zippo Chex by Zippo Pine Chex)

Breeder: Robert and Sandra Brown of Waukee, Iowa


Farnam All-Around 13-&-Under

Exhibitor: Lily Richardson of Duvall, Washington

Horse: Chips Heart, 2002 chestnut mare (Chips Hot Chocolate-Zippos Queen O Heart by Zippo Pine Bar)

Owner: Roberta and Lily Richardson of Cheyenne, Wyoming

Breeder: Janice Scott of Bonners Ferry, Idaho


Farnam All-Around 14-18

Exhibitor: Tess Baumann of Redmond, Washington

Horse: Pass The Attraction, 2004 bay gelding (Hot Attraction-Kaught Kissin by Barpassers Image)

Owner: Elsie Naruszewicz of Monroe, Washington

Breeder: Andria Mengucci of Madras, Oregon 

The all-around winners at the AQHA West Level 1 received a Professional’s Choice saddle pad, a Montana Silversmiths belt buckle and a trophy.

Amateur Halter Champion of Champions

Owner/Exhibitor: Lana Farley of Scottsdale, Arizona

Horse: Phenomenal Intention, 2013 sorrel gelding (My Intention-Ladys Phenomenal by Call Me Phenomenal)

Breeder: Dan Fox of Chino, California

Youth Halter Champion of Champions

Exhibitor: Chloe E. Coleman of Queen Creek, Arizona

Horse: Absoutely Dominating, 2011 sorrel mare (LSP Dominate To A Te-Barlinks Design by Barlink Macho Man)

Owner: Cherie Lynn Coleman of Queen Creek

Breeder: Kim Schreiner of McMinnville, Oregon

The halter Champion of Champions winners received a trophy and a neck ribbon.


High-Point Western Amateur

Owner/Exhibitor: Tiffany Smith of Elk Grove, California

Horse: Without Regret, a 2009 black gelding (One Hot Invitation-Chips Hot Regret by Chips Hot Chocolate)

Breeder: Terry Robinson of Francesville, Indiana


High-Point Western Select

Exhibitor: Jamie Lou Devencenty of Pueblo, Colorado

Horse: Chex Is The Choice, a 2002 bay gelding (Zippo Pine Chex-Ima Lady By Choice by Investment By Choice) 

Owner: Natalia Kay Devencenty of Pueblo

Breeder: Bruce and Cindy Joslyn of Winona, Minnesota


High-Point Western 14-18

Exhibitor: Emma Edwards of Issaquah, Washington

Horse: This Is Why Im Here, a 2008 bay roan gelding (The Good Ranger-Della Mae Zip by Zippo Jack Bar) 

Owner: Jack and Suzanne Edwards of Issaquah, Washington

Breeder: Jean Warner of Churubusco, Indiana


High-Point Western 13-&-Under

Exhibitor: Nadalee Michelle Vasquez of Acton, California

Horse: Shesa Smokin Memory, a 2005 red roan mare (Ima Smokin Zipper-Sensational Speed by Speedy Glow)

Owner: Natalie Kazemi of Santa Ana, California

Breeder: Sandy Arledge Quarter Horses of Rancho Santa Fe, California 

High-point western winners received a Professional’s Choice western saddle pad.


High-Point English Amateur

Owner/Exhibitor: Samantha Nielsen of Galt, California

Horse: Hunt This, a 2010 sorrel gelding (Hubba Hubba Huntin-Certified Art by Artful Investment)

Breeder: Lise Von Uhlit of Winter, California


High-Point English Select

Owner/Exhibitor: Jayne Hickey of Scottsdale, Arizona

Horse: A Nautral Artist, a 2007 bay gelding (Artful Investment-Aint It Ironic by Natural Iron)

Breeder: Cara Ondra of Berlin, Wisconsin


High-Point English 14-18

Owner/Exhibitor: Alessandra Megan Ehrle of Chino Hills, California

Horse: Hot N Blazing Scotch, a 2012 chestnut gelding (Hot N Blazing-Ms Scotch Times Two by Scotch Bar Time)

Breeder: George Stauffer of Barneveld, Wisconsin


High-Point English 13-&-Under

Exhibitor: Jaleesa Caraccio of Bakersfield, California

Horse: A Flashy Invitation, a 2007 bay gelding (Hes Invited To Zip-Flash Of A Lady by Flashy Tin Zipper)

Owner: Ben and Lisette Caraccio of Bakersfield

Breeder: Ronald Vincent McKown of Valley Center, Kansas

High-point English winners received a Professional’s Choice English saddle pad.


B&W Rookie High-Point Amateur

Exhibitor: Sabrina Brown of Vacaville, California

Horse: Hocus Boston Flame, a 2007 sorrel mare (Hocus Pocus Hotrod-Zippos Boston Flame by Investment Zippo) 

Owner: Alexandra Chavez of Paradise Valley, Arizona

Breeder: Doug Jacobs of Scotch Grove, Iowa


B&W Rookie High-Point Youth

Exhibitor: Kaitlyn Schols of Bow, Washington

Horse: Everybodyluvskrymsun, a 2004 bay gelding (One Hot Krymsun-Sure Desaray Diamond by Sure Straw)

Owner: Kaitlyn Schols

Breeder: Rebecca Bailey of Batavia, Ohio

B&W Rookie high-point winners received a Professional’s Choice saddle pad and a trophy.