AQHA Provides Update on Gate for Trail Classes


[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal]
[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal]

Based on member input, the American Quarter Horse Association will be using the rope gate instead of a solid gate in trail classes at the 2017 AQHA Select World Championship Show, presented by Adequan® (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan).

On July 5, AQHA announced that it would be replacing rope gates with solid gates in trail classes at the 2017 Adequan® Select World and the 2017 Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show.

“After the announcement, several AQHA professional horsemen, trainers and exhibitors voiced their concerns about adding a solid gate to the Adequan® Select World, due to many of the 50-and-over exhibitors not being prepared to manage a solid gate,” said Pete Kyle, AQHA chief show officer. “We’ve listened to the feedback of our members and have decided to use the rope gate at the Adequan Select World in 2017; however the solid gate will still be used at the 2017 Lucas Oil World.

AQHA trail classes, which are designed to prepare competitors for trail rides, include obstacles that could be encountered outside of the arena. Gates are an important component to trail courses.

Also, if you’re bringing extra horses to the Adequan® Select World, you’ll need to include those horses in your entries to ensure that stalls will be available.

Competitors can find more information regarding the Adequan Select World at and the Lucas Oil World at