Two Great Auctions Closing Today


On December 16th, 2018 two great auctions offering over 100 stallion services and over 50 awesome items and services will close for bidding.

2018 Audrey Grace Charity Auction 

At 5:00 EST tonight the 17th annual Audrey Grace Charity Auction on will close for bidding. This year’s auction boasts over 40 of the industry’s best stallions, and more than 50 fantastic items and services. From advertising pages to a Harris halter and even some awesome makeup, there truly is something for everyone in this auction. 

We WILL accept the highest bid stamped on or before 5:00 pm TONIGHT EASTERN time. The highest bid at that time that has at LEAST outbid the previous bidder by the minimum bid wins the Item or Breeding.

A note to clear up some confusion.  Minimum Bid Increments mean the bidder HAS to at LEAST outbid the previous person by that set amount.   (ex. If the bid  is $100 and has a  Minimum bid of $25 the  next person HAS to be $125 OR they can do anything above that (HINT HINT)   So a bid of $125 is acceptable but so is $175.  This IS for a CHARITY so they are encouraged and welcomed to bid MORE than the minimum.   Each post will be looked at for any errors and then stamped official winner.   

You can pay by January 4th, 2019 by CHECK (preferred method) and address it to NEW HORIZONS (a licensed 501 (c)(3) Charity) and mail to 11616 Wander Ln Dallas, TX 75230 or Paypal to New Horizons Ranch & Center email [email protected].  If you choose Paypal please mark it a gift so they do not charge the Charity the .03% for the donated item.  We are not set up to take Credit Cards.  

When New Horizons receives your payment they will forward to the donor that you have paid in full and ship your Item or Breeding Contract to you directly.  Check if you owe shipping and if you do PAY THE DONOR the Shipping NOT the Charity. There is a contact name or number on each Item to refer to for shipping charges.   PLEASE include your name on the final bid so that I have that to forward to the owner of the Item of Stallion.  Happy bidding and remember it is for a GREAT cause and open your heart and wallets!!! would like to thank all donors, bidders and everyone else involved in this very worthy cause. We ask you to once again participate in making this year’s auction a success!

For all the details on the Auction CLICK HERE

December 14-16th2019 ApHC Stallion Service Auction 

 Closing at 8:00 PM EST tonight  is the annual ApHC stallion service auction. This auction is hosted on Equine Auction Exchange and is proud to present 69 phenomenal stallions for your bidding. 

The winning bidder for each stallion service will receive a certificate to nominate the resulting Appaloosa foal for the exciting Stallion Service Auction Incentive classes at the World Championship Appaloosa Show. Each stallion owner who donates breeding that sells in the auction will also receive a certificate to nominate a foal. Incentive classes for the 2019 Stallion Service Auction will include a weanling halter class in 2020 and two yearling classes (longe line and in-hand trail) in 2021.

 In addition, 2020 foals by stallions whose services are sold in this year’s Stallion Service Auction may become eligible to compete through paid nomination.

 There is an exceptional line up of stallions offered in this year’s auction. Pleasure, HUS, Halter, Reining and all-around stallions have all been nominated. Many of the hottest ApHC and AQHA sires are available and this is your chance to buy a breeding starting at 50% of the advertised rate.

Bidding will close Sunday, December 16th at 8:00 PM EST. Be sure to check back often to ensure you are the highest bid!

 CLICK HERE to visit the auction hosted by Equine Auction Exchange.