January 2019

Cover-ipad(2)The January stallion issue of Show Horse Today is LIVE!

This month is our annual Stallion Issue. We have some wonderful articles for you to help make that ever important decision for you mare.  Our cover feature is on Leeman Farm, who has set the standard of breeding greatness. Learn about the incredible accomplishments from their broodmares and stallions in the show and sale pen in 2018.

We take a look at how social media is affecting breeding decisions, 5 panel testing and spend some time getting to know more about the stunning Kissin The Girls and his sire OpenRange is featured in our Hoof Print in History.

In this issue we have something for everyone even if you are not interested in breeding. Dana Hokana dives deeper in her new series Beyond Basics – Balanced Horsemanship. Her tips will help you to develop your horsemanship to a new level that will improve both your scores and connection with your horse and Lynn Palm is going to teach you about proper ground work, perfect for starting those young horses that are ready to do more than just play in the pasture.

All this and so much more!

January 2019 Stallion Issue

No Holes Here – Leeman Farm Defines Greatness in Breeding

From the Back of My Horse – Happy New Year

Social Accepted –How Social Media Influences Stallion Choices in 2019

Kiss And Tell – Kissin The Girls

Put to the Test – 5 Panel Testing Offers Insight to Genetic Diseases

SmartPak Ask the Vet

Beyond Basics – Balanced Horsemanship with Dana Hokana. Part Two: Horsemanship Tips to get Balanced and Centered on your Horse

Working at Liberty – Handler Position with Lynn Palm

Hoof Print in History – OpenRange


Why It Matters – Superlative Equine -Stallions