Tim Kimura unveils MOT bit with Chuck Letchworth at 2019 Congress

At the 2019 Congress Tim Kimura and Chuck Letchworth bits unveiled the new MOT (Man of Trail) bit in Tim’s continued efforts to “Make Trail Great Again.”

Tim Kimura at the Letchworth Booth

Tim wanted to develop a bit to help riders navigate his courses. He wanted something perfectly balanced and in a shape that the horses would be comfortable in with some feel.

“I wanted a bit that the riders could pick up on and help the horse around the course without them become backed off or over bridled” explained Kimura.

The typical show but for a pleasure horse is too much bridle for the average trail horse that may need some guidance on the course. So Tim went to Chuck Letchworth to develop the perfect bit for this class.

Chuck Letchworth shows off the MOT bit.

Built with enough Port for tongue relief and perfect balance, the MOT bit went “viral” at the 2019 Congress. Last week they were nearly sold out off all of the bits with only 4 left. The market clearly responded to this collaboration of two famous artisans in their respective fields.

If you didn’t get the chance to purchase your bit at Congress be sure to connect Geno Spagnolia at 203 – 219-8732 to order your very own or visit Cletchworthbitsandspurs.com