Tuesday Training Tip – Robin & Jenny Frid

This week’s Tuesday Training Tip comes from Robin and Jenny Frid who are well known for their incredible teaching skills both under saddle and for creating Showmanship stars.

Training the set up for Showmanship.

“When teaching your horse to set the hind foot, push back or pull forward and say “whoa” once the foot is placed. When you set up the front foot, you should do a totally different move like connecting with your hand on the lead and bumping with your hand. Be more assertive with the front feet than with the back feet.  Sometimes youth and amateurs give the same cue for both the hind and front feet, which is confusing to the horse.  You’re teaching this horse to move its body with a little lead shank. You have to be purposeful when you’re teaching your horse.  Also, don’t teach the full set up at the same time. Work on the horse’s hind feet until they get really confident and really consistent in the way that you are cueing. Only after that should you introduce the front feet. You’d be moving your horse’s feet hundreds of times if you didn’t. 

Always remember, especially when teaching the set up that close counts in the beginning. 

And as with any maneuvers, petting your horse is a positive. If you reward them they are going to learn better. “

Robin and Jenny have a wonderful set of training videos for those that love Showmanship. please see the link below for details.