Meet’s Ford Youth World Blogger: Brynn Campbell!

Brynn and Poison Rain "Isaac"
Brynn and Poison Rain “Isaac” is very excited to introduce you to guest blogger, Brynn Campbell, who will be checking in with us during the 2017 Ford Youth World in Oklahoma City!

Brynn hails from Alberta, Canada. She trains with Dana Hokana from Temecula, and will be showing her horses, Poison Rain “Isaac” and Yeah I Will “Wilbur” in Level 2 and 3 Trail and Level 2 and 3 Hunter Under Saddle, respectively.  Welcome Brynn, and best of luck in your classes!

 August 8, 2017- Showmanship Sparkle

Hi everyone! I decided to write today about some gorgeous outfits I saw during the showmanship prelims yesterday! I chose these 3 outfits because I found they worked so well with the horse. I found they were different and stood out from the rest. The first photo of the brown outfit with the roan is a perfect example of that. In the pen the outfit matched the undertones of the horse perfectly and really tied the pair together. 


The cherry red outfit was one that really stood out in the pen. The colour also matched the undertones of the horse and I found I was constantly drawn to her because the colour was so pleasant! 
And the last outfit I loved because of the base colour. It’s a beautiful charcoal and the stones on the outfit are iridescent making them reflect different colours based on where the light hits the stone. And lastly, the lines on the jacket create an incredibly flattering visual and also compliment the curves of the exhibitors body! 
The photos don’t really do the outfits justice!” 

August 6, 2017- Level 2’s Time To Shine

“For my interesting photo of the day I chose to feature the Level 2 Finals! I’m so excited that AQHA made the step to give Level 2 riders their own time to shine! It’s so great for riders that may have missed shows due to school or other events and still gives them the opportunity to have their own awards ceremony! I love that AQHA is opening up such a deep competition to more people – it really makes the show much less intimidating!”

Youth World 1

Brynn Youth World


August 4, 2017 – Ford Youth World Day 1

Brynn and Yeah I Will (Wilbur)
Brynn and Yeah I Will (Wilbur)

Hi everyone! I’m here at the AQHYA Youth World as a competitor and as an insider for!

Being at the Youth World for my second year has really shown me what the best of the best in the industry look like, and also what to strive towards in my riding career! I came to the show world very green and unaccustomed to the high level of competition that is actually out there. 

Coming from a town where high level showing is almost non-existent, I constantly received teasing from my school friends that there were no spectators at my shows or as one kid from my school put it after I posted a photo from a show in Las Vegas, “was is red shirt night?” Hinting at the completely empty set of seats behind me in the photo.

Western Riding Prelims at Day 1 of the Ford Youth World
Western Riding Prelims at Day 1 of the Ford Youth World

As I sit here watching the Level 3 preliminaries of the Western Riding, I look around to see full seats. I hear cheers, whistles and clapping for everyone. And I see people taking pride in the skill and ability of those that have put in so much work to be where they are at this very moment.

It makes me so proud to be an exhibitor here knowing there will be people to watch and enjoy the effort I have put in with my gelding, Poison Rain. 

I’m happy to be able to write this and show that it isn’t “red shirt night;” what we do, does deserve spectators and cheers and excitement! 

I hope this sparked some happiness and joy in you too, stay tuned tomorrow as I feature my “Daily Sparkle” outfit!” 


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