Celebrate 20 Years with Western States Horse Expo

Western States Horse Expo: Celebrating 20 Years!
El Dorado Hills, CA.

2018 is the 20saclogo25thth Anniversary year for the Western States Horse Expo. For the last two decades this exposition has celebrated the spirit of the horse, the equestrian and rural lifestyle with all that they encompass. Happening June 8 – 10, 2018 at Cal Expo in Sacramento, California, this has been the premier event of its kind, and had been one of the most trusted resources for innovation, inspiration and education within the equestrian   community unlike any other!

On Friday evening, June 8, 2018, after a full day of demonstrations, lectures and amazing shopping, attendees will be able to witness the Magnificent 7 All Around Stock – Horse Championship where seven of the best horse/human teams in the country will be competing in four events, in one evening, on the same horse. This is an event sure to thrill everyone!MAG7withGraphics2018
The Western Select Barrel Race is happening on Saturday evening, June 9, 2018 and Sunday morning, June 10, 2018, This race has a jackpot of $10,000 making it one of the largest purses west of the Mississippi. Riders will be racing for cash ($10,000) and prizes and the excitement of the crowd! Of course, the Western Select Ranch & Barrel HORSE SALE is going to be an exhilarating event happening on Sunday June 10, 2018.
Managed for the Western States Horse Expo by Parnell Dickenson, this sale will showcase some of the very best horses  in the market today. Grab a bid paddle and be part of the excitement as you bring home your new horse! That certainly is an exciting program, but the Western States Horse Expo is not stopping there. Not by a longshot.
WashRackART OF THE HORSE EXBITION and SALE is happening all weekend long at the 20th Anniversary Event!
Artists who focus the subject of their work on the horse and the rural lifestyle associated with the horse, in whatever medium they work in, are  invited to participate in the ART of the HORSE Exhibition and Sale. A $1000.00 prize will be awarded to the Best of Show Winner, and $250.00 prizes will be awarded to each of the Division First Place Winners. Spaces in the exhibition are limited. Deadline to submit Artist Application for this juried exhibition, was April 27, 2018. For more information and an application packet, please visit the Western States Horse Expo Art of the HORSE event website at: https://horsexpo.com/events/art-show
CLINICANS UNMOUNTED is a great opportunity for attendees to sit down with their favorite cWarwickShillerFBInstalinicians, such as Julie Goodnight, Jonathan Field, Warwick Schiller, Robert Gage , Gina Miles and Scott Purdum, away from the arena and in a casual setting to gain instruction, advice, insights and learn more about their horsemanship journey. Clinicians Unmounted happens all three days of the Western States Horse Expo. Access to these
wonderful opportunities are part of the general admission ticket. This learning opportunity has become incredibly popular with attendees.
HORSE EXPO UNIVERSITY is another great learning opportunity on the 20th Anniversary celebration program. Attendees will be able to meet and learn from Equine Health professionals and industry leaders such as Dr. Nancy Loving, DMV, Jim Masterson, Darrell Nephew, Bryan Owen, Kat Chrysostom and Zachary Rhodes, EqDIAED/C. Attendees should come prepared with a notebook and be ready to take their knowledge to new
heights in this great classroom – like setting happening all three days of the Western States Horse Expo.
PopWagnerCHORSEINTEREST is much like Pinterest, but focuses on hands-on crafting of great items for horses! 

Horse Expo has some GREAT “DIY” Workshops available for Attendees to participate in during the Western States Horse Expo! Cinch Making with Pop Wagner, Leather Braiding with Gail Hought and Paracord Tack Making with Kayleen Johnson! Head over to the event website at https://horsexpo.com, click on EVENTS and then scroll down to “Horseinterest” for all the details on how to register for these workshops (https://horsexpo.com/events/other-horse-interest/).
You can learn how to craft a traditional 17 strand mohair cinch with master craftsman Pop Wagner, you can learn the art of Paracord Braiding with master craftswoman Kaylee Johnson and you can learn how to create wonderful Braided Leather items with master craftswoman Gail Hought!
All workshop leaders are requiring Attendees to register in advance for these sessions. To learn more about each workshop and get registered just click HERE.
TRAIL SYMPOSIUM is the place to take your trail riding, horse camping and the preservation of our natural equestrian riding resources – the amazing trails – to new levels. The majority of horse owners are trail riders —and trail riders today are continuously challenged with losing trails throughout the country. The Trail Symposium will help you make your trail outings longer, safer, new and exciting for seasons to come.
Do not miss out on the great demonstrations and talks happening all three days of the Western States Horse Expo.
YOUNG RIDER PARK is the place for all young equestrians to gather up and enjoy some fun activities! Sponsored by Young Rider Magazine, everyone from tykes to teenager s, anyone who is an aspiring rider can have fun with the wide variety of activities available. Sponsored by Young Rider Magazine, the Young Rider Park is a safe and fun place for anyone enthusiastic about horses. Some of the scheduled activities include:
Clinicians presenting to Young Riders (check schedule), A Horse Cookie Kitchen, Horse Painting, Grooming by CSHA. Horse Shoe Painting and much more. Attendees should check the schedule to see what is happening in the Young Rider Park all three days of the Western States Horse Expo.
gypsy1BREED REVELATION will inspire and exhilarate attendees as FOURTEEN (14) different breeds of horse will be on hand to show what they can do and how versatile they can be. Some of the breeds that attendees will be able to meet are: Kiger Mustangs, Friesians, Tennessee Walkers, Haflinger, Highland and Fell Ponies, American Mules, Andalusians/ Baroque Horses, Akahal -Teke, Morgan, Peruvian Paso and more. This “attendee favorite” event is truly impressive and should not be missed. Bring you camera!
CALIFORNIA COWGIRLS will be on hand all weekend long demonstration their amazing drill team skills, exceptional horsemanship and will be hosting an informative Question and Answer session all three days of the Western States Horse Expo. Do not miss out on their exciting performances.
If that were not enough to get the equestrian and rural lifestyle community to load up and show up, the Western States Horse Expo team has recently announced the creation of SEVEN (7) new Ticket Packages! These packages cover single attendee/ one day to family members/ multiple days as well as special evening event admissions and parking which can all be purchased online at the Western States Horse Expo website. The 20th Anniversary Western States Horse Expo is one that anyone interested in horses, the equestrian and the rural lifestyle should not miss! With so much on the schedule and so many amazing exhibitors sharing their top-notch, innovative products and services, attendees may find it challenging to fit the Western States Horse Expo Experience into a single weekend…but they certainly should try! Load up, show up and be prepared to be amazed as the 20th Anniversary gets underway on June 8 -10, 2018 at Cal Expo in Sacramento, California.


About Western States Horse Expo
Presenting two of the best Horse Expositions in the United States, California’s Western States Horse Expo in Pomona and Sacramento are a must- attend events for any “equine and rural lifestyle enthusiast’ no matter what their level! In three short days Attendees can catch up on the latest training and education, shop the nation’s premier equine vendors and connect with your horse friends. Attending the Western States Horse Expo is a low cost, high quality way to stay engaged in the horse industry, making sure you have the tools, knowledge and products to help make the most of your investment (and enhancing your experience) in the equine and rural lifestyle year round! Celebrating its 29th Anniversary in 2018, these events will celebrations that you will not want to miss!
Information on our 2018 Pomona event: https://horseexpoevents.com/
Information on our 2018 Sacramento event: https://horsexpo.com/


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