October 2018

Cover-ipadThe October Congress issue of Show Horse Today is live.

With Congress in full swing we examine a unique collaboration between Kimes Ranch and Cotton Inc. that is changing not only the way you shop for denim but making the world a better place! We showcase the Western Pleasure Super Sires “Stallion of the Year” VS Code Blue as well as the great Invitation Only son The Only Escape. Be sure to read our special articles on dealing with anxiety in your horse as well as how to handle a hot horse on the trail. Learn about equine leg protection and what may be best for your horse.  We look at one of the most influential sires in today’s stallion market A Good Machine in our Hoof Print in History as we examine what made him special and prolific as a stallion sire.

We have a special feature showcasing the exceptional yearlings offered in the Congress Super Sale, once you see these yearlings and how they move you will want to head to Columbus to shop!

Featured on the cover is the incredibly beautiful and talented Good Better Best. We look at this Congress Champion stallion and learn about magic in his breeding and management that is transforming this young sire into a game changer in the industry.

All this and so much more!!

Also in this issue:

Changing The GameGood Better Best

From the Back Of My Horse 

Trade Your FadesKimes Ranch teams up with Cotton Inc to make the world a better place.

The Code to SuccessWinning Offspring Earn “SUPER SIRE OF THE YEAR” for VS Code Blue

The Only Escape 

Congress Sale Yearling Preview

Give ‘Em the BootHow and why to use protective leg wear to protect your champion.

Helping Your Horse Conquer Anxiety One Step at a Time

SmartPak Ask the Vet

Riding the “Hot Horse” on the Trailwith Lynn Palm

Hoof Print in HistoryA Good Machine 


Why It Matters2017 Congress Candids