January SmartPak Ask the Vet

Sidebones, steaming vs soaking hay, alfalfa cubes vs pellets, & more!

Questions answered in this episode of SmartPak Ask the Vet
1. What is the difference between feeding alfalfa pellets vs alfalfa cubes? Is there a better option between the two? Noted my horses are getting free choice hay and have good teeth, I just wanted to add some alfalfa in the diet for the winter months for more calories.
2. What is the difference between steaming and soaking hay? What is the benefit for both?
3. Is there any benefit to feeding horses flax seeds or chia seeds in their grain. If so, how much should you feed?
4. Can you discuss the presence of side bones in horses? Is it normal or an area of concern? Would a horse with side bones “fail” a PPE in your opinion?
5. Does coastal hay actually increase risk of colic? If so, why?

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