February SmartPak Ask the Vet

Sanitizing stalls, sleep habits, blanketing, and more!

Questions answered in this episode:
1. I compete often, which requires my horse to stable at a show ground facility for several days. What is your recommendation on preparing a stall in terms of sanitizing before you allow your horse to enter the stall? I don’t want to use harsh spray chemicals that may irritate their respiratory system.
2. What is the most important and helpful thing to keep your horse healthy (other than the obvious food, water, and shelter)? Ex. Picking hooves, vaccinations, deworming, or grooming.
3. Horse sleep habits! Are there any unusual patterns that should cause concern, like not laying down enough, sleep position (my pony lays on her back sometimes never seen that before!)? And what you can do to help encourage better sleep habits?
4. Does blanketing impede winter coat growth?
5. What is the best way to compost manure? Things that can and can’t go in a manure pile, average time, best bedding conducive to composting.

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