How to Help a Horse Business

These times are scary, they are trying, and they need all of us to be at our best for our neighbors, our families, our friends and our planet.

Many of you are at home, in self isolation or social distancing.  A lot of you are working from home, acting as full-time educator for your kids and realizing this may not be your circus but these are definitely your monkeys.

For many of us our equine partners are not accessible as we try to flatten the curve and we miss out on the one interaction that brings us as riders’ peace and comfort. I miss the smell of my mare and the quiet contentment of wrapping my arms around her neck and breathing in the smell that always makes my world better. I know many of you miss this too.
We see you online, searching for your horse fix, industry news and socializing. We have seen massive increases in traffic as we work tirelessly to bring you the latest news as well as entertainment and education. Our digital community is stronger than ever. Our 690K Facebook fans are engaged and readership to Show Horse Today grows hourly.

For 22 years and then Show Horse Today have been a part of your community. We have been providing the opportunity for digital connection, business advancement and shared passions. We have been there at the shows to cheer you on, behind the lens to capture your moments, providing sponsorship to your classes and typing madly on keyboards keeping you informed.

I am not going to sugar coat it. Like other small businesses, times are tough right now. We have seen a dramatic pull back from advertisers as they wait to see when shows will begin again. Since the beginning, we have focused on bringing cost effective digital advertising to the industry. All we can do, is ask our readers and fans to help us as they can. Our magazine is free for all  to read and supported by our advertisers. The site has always been supported by its sponsors.

I am asking for you to help us and our advertisers and sponsors, so we can all survive these times and continue to be a part of your horse community. 


  • Share Show Horse Today’s latest issue on your social media
  • Share the or Show Horse Today Facebook pages
  • Share your favorite equine small business’ website or FB page
  • Invite your friends to like one of our pages or your favorite advertiser’s page
  • Write a glowing review for a business that you love and share it with a tag
  • Like. comment and share social media posts to help increase reach
  • Subscribe to email lists to receive the latest specials and news

If you find yourself in the position to be able to spend some money in these times you can greatly help all of these businesses.

  • Buy a gift certificate for future use
  • Look towards the near future and advertise to this captive and engaged audience
  • Shop small – Look to the businesses that have supported the shows and events you attend.
  • Keep Positive – Plan for the near future by breeding your mares, training your horses, attending online clinics and shopping for show clothes as you can attend a World Show this year without the added costs of qualifying.

We will get through this together. Our community is built on perseverance. If we can dance with a 1000 pound animal with a mind of its own, we can handle this.

If I can help you and your business, please reach out and I will personally see what we can do.

Warmest Regards,


Robyn Duplisea
Owner – & Show Horse Today
[email protected](403) 862-5535