Rusty Brown Jewelry

Rusty Brown Jewelry. Since 1977.

We specialize in Equestrian themed jewelry that is forged by a farrier and handcrafted for the true equestrian. All of the pieces are original designs.

Over the past 40 plus years, Rusty has given his clients, friends and colleagues pendants that are unique to their horse, by designing the type of shoe their horse is wearing as a piece of jewelry. Being a true horseman his entire life, Rusty could always tell who was a tried and true equestrian by how well they knew their horse. These pieces quickly became treasures and very popular among equine enthusiast. They have so much more meaning that just a piece of tack or a generic shaped shoe. Rusty’s designs set the true equestrian apart from the others.  We are happy to chat with you and design the shoe that is unique to your horse

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