Twisted Knot Halters

At Twisted Knot Halters we take pride in our custom handmade halters and will work with you to pick the appropriate size, color and style to fit your favorite horse.  We have 4 styles available to choose from the 2 knot, 4 knot and paracord nosebands to add to either the 2 knot or 4 knot.  

We will work with you to pick the perfect color rope as well as the perfect color noseband!  We offer three different styles of rope including soft double braid polyester, firm polyester and stiff polyester used to make training halters.  

The sizes available are weanling, yearling, small, average and large.   We also make miniature horse halters in small, medium and large.  Whether you want to color coordinate with your barn, blanket  or show colors we will work with you to design the perfect halter!

Our training halters are perfect for training your showmanship and halter horses.

Click the product image for the complete details or to purchase from Twisted Knot Halters.

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