Don’t Feed the Trolls

7 Tips to Starve the Negativity out of the Horse World

In light of the actions of many horse people on the internet in the past few days we want to share some handy advice on how not to feed the trolls 

  1. Don’t join their hateful groups. As much as you may want to correct them, joining these groups helps them to grow like the manure piles after a month at Congress.  By joining these groups they win by getting their claws into you and your friends list.
  2. Do not engage! There is nothing that a troll feeds on more than attention. Their whole reason for being online is to get the attention they crave. LET THEM STARVE.
  3. If you MUST respond or engage, facts are like tripe to trolls. Facts are hard to rebuke for trolls with their limited capacity and vocabularies.
  4. Respond with humor. One of the best ways to to keep a troll lean is to starve it from getting the reaction it needs. “Your horse moves like a cripple” can be answered with “Of course he does, my vet and I work hard to keep him just this lame so he can win.” 
  5. Don’t delete their comments, but feel free to hide them from your page. Hiding them will protect your audience from seeing their trash, but deleting them can cause a troll to feed off the feeling of being oppressed. 
  6. Leave the trolls to starve together. Get yourself out of negative areas, pathways and woods. Stay away from groups  of people that focus on the negative and put your time into positivity and positive groups and sites.  Share more good than bad and watch your view change. Social Media algorithms trace where you spend your time and if you spend it trying to argue with trolls, you will be sent a lot more troll type content to view. 
  7. Shine some light. Nothing helps to starve a troll better than seeing his food source overgrown with positivity and light. Share the good. Share positive news and rejoice in people and horse’s success. With all the light surrounding you, it will be hard for a troll to feed in the dark. 

If you would like to help shine some light join us in our #ShowSomePositivity Challenge and let’s push the trolls and negativity back where it belongs.