Exciting Changes for Masterson Farms


(Somerville, TN)

Masterson Farms, LLC, and Casey Willis today announced that at the end of the year, Casey will be leaving in order for him to establish Casey Willis Show Horses. Casey is looking forward to having his own training facility with a number of private clients, and is leaving with the best wishes of Ken and Marilyn and everyone at the Farm. Ken said. “Casey has accomplished so much during his seven years with us and all his efforts are very much appreciated. He’ll certainly be missed and we wish him and Deanna every future success”. Marilyn added, “Casey does such a wonderful job with a rider and I’ve so enjoyed working with him. I know his future clients will have the same great experience I’ve had”.

Ken and Marilyn also announced today that Gary Trubee will be joining them and the Farm team on November 1, 2021, to be responsible for developing prospects and sales. Ken and Marilyn, in addition to continuing their long standing breeding program, want to bring a new and increased emphasis to the marketing and sale of yearlings produced at the Farm. Ken noted that “Gary is widely regarded in our industry, and with his many years of experience, he will be a huge asset to our business. We couldn’t be more pleased that he will be joining us.

All of us at Show Horse Today wish Casey the best on his new venture and share our congratulations with Masterson Farms for adding Gary to their team. He will undoubtedly bring his talents, keen eye for fitting and presenting prospects, connections and great wit to their program.