Congress Entry Deadline Extended

A message from Scott Myers

“WE HEAR YOU: We recognize many of you are traveling, competing, and busy with “life” and we always want to listen to our exhibitors and trainers, therefore OQHA will be extending the Congress entry deadline to August 25th. Please remember that online entries will help simplify the entry process. Thank you for your feedback and know that we are committed to serving our customers. Thank you and Welcome to the 2021 All American Quarter Horse Congress!!”

Online entries are now available for the 2021 All American Quarter Horse Congress, scheduled for September 28 – October 24 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Access and enter your online entries at You can access the site through any device with a browser and internet – computer, phone, and tablet. Once you navigate to the home page of the website, Click “Enter Shows”, and you will be guided through the rest of the process.

If you need additional help, please click on the “More” tab for contact information on submitting your online entries.

Online Entries can be accessed at

The 2021 Congress Entry Book can be accessed at