AQHA Discounts Embryo Permits

The American Quarter Horse Association is offering a discounted fee for frozen embryo permits for a limited time

At the 2023 AQHA Convention, the Stud Book and Registration Committee spent considerable time discussing vitrified embryos. Leading up to the 2023 Convention, a task force met multiple times after discussions at last year’s AQHA Convention made it apparent that there was confusion regarding the requirements to register a foal resulting from an embryo that had been frozen.

At the 2023 Convention, the task force recommended changes be made to the wording of the rules to clarify what is required so that owners know how to protect their interest in a future foal and ensure the foal’s eligibility for registration. View changes from the 2023 Convention.

At a high level, when you collect an egg and fertilize it, then choose to freeze it, a frozen embryo permit must be purchased from AQHA to preserve your rights to sign registration documents in the future and to preserve the stallion owner’s rights to sign the necessary breeding documents for registration. Not doing so may make the foal ineligible for registration.

If you have stored embryos and have not yet acquired a permit, we encourage you to get the necessary permit now. The AQHA Executive Committee has approved a reduced rate of $25, effective June 1, 2023, for embryo permit applications. If you have multiple vitrified embryos stored, a permit is needed for each embryo to register a future foal.

The permit application must be signed by the current owner of the mare and current owner of the covering stallion. If the mare or stallion was in a different ownership at the time of breeding and freezing, the prior owner cannot sign the permit application. In this type of situation, be aware that the current owner is under no obligation to sign it today if you did not make arrangements for it when the horse was sold. AQHA cannot be involved in the private agreement.

If you sold or purchased vitrified embryos that have not yet been implanted, it’s important to know that permits can be transferred to another party. This is recommended to preserve your right to sign registration documents for a future foal. The owner of the permit is who will be listed as the breeder and original owner of a foal when it is registered.

A permit application can be downloaded at For more information regarding embryo permits and the rules related to them, visit

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