Fundraising Efforts Set For Khloe Brown’s Medical Expenses

Another one of our own is having a rough go these past few weeks.  Khloe Brown, owner of Dressed to Sell Equine and Media Coordinator for The American Roan Horse Association. Khloe who is only 31 years old,  suffered a transient ischaemic attack (TIA) also known as a Mini Stroke on May 11th 2023 and has been in the hospital ever since. She has been transferred multiple times and had multiple more TIA attacks.  Khloe had Surgery yesterday (5-23-2023). They put three stents into her artery to be able to open it up and allow the blood to flow to her brain. They are planning on moving her out of the ICU tomorrow. 

She is very eager to get home and begin recovery. We all continue to pray for no more set backs and take this as another victory and step in the right direction. 

Being self employed,  and in the hospital Khloe is unable to work to earn money. She would never ask for help herself. Hospital bills are piling up, and her friends and family would like to reach out for help for her. To ease the stress, and help her brain recover without the worries of something that was out of her control. 

A Go Fund Me has been set up to help with her medical bills and a fundraising stallion and item raffle is about to open with many top stallions having donated services. 

Fundraising Raffle


The Good One APHA Stallion


Kissin The Girls

Bank On The Best

Sexy N My Carharts

Dial My Hotline

Required Invitation

Best Get Your Wallet

Sudden On The Rocks

A Sudden Holiday

All Around English (OF/HUS/DRIVING):

I Got Em Talkin



All Up Honor (Weebok)

MSH The X Factor

The Gentlemens Club – 2011 APHA / AQHA Stallion

HBF Hot Expectations

Blue Skies Only

PurelySimply Dynamic

All The Wild Details


Caribbean Touchdown PHBA World Champion

Boots N Bourbon


Cyphers Dun On Fire

Carl – aka Leavetherestspooked

Chex Out My Steps

Wicked Pretty


Shining C Twist

Other products being offered: 

Mikey Trueba Jackets by Mikey Hunt Coat

Kathy Speck $100 Gift Card for an Ad

Ashlynn Balmer Kenoyer $800 Day Shirt

Maddi Edwards $100 Mane braid or Virtual lesson

Robyn Duplisea Show Horse Today $500 ad certificate.

The raffle fundraiser is being organized by Jenna Seppa and is being held on Facebook.

These are the rules/conditions:


We will be accepting donation through VENMO ONLY. Venmo is very easy to set up, if you do not have one please make sure you get one set up! 

(For our Canadian Neighbors we will allow PayPal!)

  • All winners will be responsible for booking, shipping, and collection fees.
  • All winners will be sent contracts directly from the stallion owners or managers after winning.
  • There will be a certain amount of spots for each stallion depending on their fee. Raffle will remain open for up to three days. 
  • After three days if all the spots are not filled I will do a last call for the raffle, if all spots are not filled raffle will be run as is with the filled spots.
  • Participants are allowed to purchase up to TWO spots maximum for each stallion. 
  • Please no Speed mares for these stallions.
  • Mare owners are fully responsible for making sure their mares are panel clean and researching panels on the stallions they are bidding on.
  • Mare owners are responsible for making sure their mares are reproductively sound for breeding.
  • Absolutely no refunds.
  • Canadian residents who are bidding on stallions are responsible for researching which stallions are available for shipping to CA and any additional  associated fees.

Khloe is a Self employed,  a stay at home mom/wife to 3 beautiful children and her husband Micheal. She works around the clock for her customers, clients and family. 

Please consider donating or buying a spot in the raffles and please share so we can raise as much as possible to help her and her family as she recovers. 

We at Show Horse Today will continue to keep Khloe and her family in our prayers. Every month we work closely with her to develop Roan Horse Today.