Memorial Day Breeder’s Notice

If you are breeding your mare and she is looking potentially ready for a shipment over the weekend be aware that Memorial Day may throw a bit of a wrench in your plans as there are no FedEx Shipments on that day. We want to make sure you are organized so no mares are missed this cycle. 

We connected with top stud farms to see what they are doing with Memorial Day on Monday May 29th. 

Gumz Farms – There will be no collection. 

North Farm – North Farm will be collecting but no shipments. Pick Up only on Monday or Tuesday it can fly out.

Leeman Farm – Counter to Counter or on-site pickups only. Confirm by 8pm EST Sunday for any orders please. 

The Breeding Barn – No FedEx shipments. Flights or pick up only. 

Highpoint Performance Horses – Flights, Courier or Pick Up only.

If you are breeding be sure to connect now with your stallion manager so you can be organized if your mare happens to be ready on Monday.