Horses for Heart

Stallion Owners Rally to Help Presley Hewitt get her Heart Transplant

Nine year old Presley Hewitt needs a new heart. In July she suffered a stroke and after extensive tests to see why, she was diagnosed with a heart condition, restrictive cardiomyopathy. A condition which has no cure leaving only one option, a heart transplant. 

You don’t recognize her name from the show ring, her story has been brought to our attention by John and Susan Carpenter who learned of her battle from a client who had purchased one of the Carpenter’s Broodmares. Presley is the granddaughter of their neighbor. Whether you believe in fate or God’s will, Presley’s story spoke to the Carpenters and they have been compelled to help.  While insurance covers the majority of her medical bills the ones not covered are mounting up. A Go Fund Me was started to help raise funds and awareness for Presley.

If you know John, you know he can be blunt and to the point. Upon sharing her story, the Carpenters were disappointed that her post got less likes and shares than any related to the horse industry. John called out his friends on Facebook for liking a post of a yearling more than showing concern for this little girl. He urged his friends to donate if they could, pray if it was in their heart and share or even like her post to help build the reach. 

Presley deserved more likes than a horse’s photo. She deserved more shares and she deserved all of our attention. 

John and Susan set to work offering to match donated funds and now have set up an incredible stallion service sale to raise funds for Presley. 

The following stallions are being offered for a reduced fee of $900 with the all of profits going to Presley. Collection and shipping fees are extra and are noted with the * and $ respectively.  

To purchase a breeding contact Susan or John directly via email here or on Facebook messenger. 

Lazy Loper *$  

It’s A Southern Thing *$ (sold)

One Hot Krymsun *$.     (Sold)

iStyle $ (Sold)

Easy On The Eyez $ (Sold)

When In Chrome $( Sold)

Mr Zippos Good Bar $

Caribbean Touchdown $

DGS Replicated $

DGS the Entertainer $

DGS Vintage $

Invite The Artist $

The Sugar Daddy $

Florida Georgia Line $(Sold)

Still Hustling $

Only In The Moonlight *$ (frozen) ( Sold)

Kissin The Girls (sold)

Got Em Talkin

VS Goodall In Blue $

Mightty Mouse $

Hay Goodlookn $(Sold)

Macs Good N Plenty $

Heartstoppin $ (Sold)

LL Cool Bay *$

VS Flatline *$ ( Sold)

VS Code Red *$(Sold)

The Offshore Account $

Justa Creepin $

Alcatraz *$

Good Better Best $ (Sold)

The Best Principles $

Hez Plum Poison (Sold)

Strutin On The Range (Sold)

VS Goodride *$ (Sold)

Starlight Shiner (Shining Spark)(Sold)

Who To Invite $

One and Only Asset $ (Sold)

Battman * $ (Sold)

The Lopin Machine $ (Sold)

The Original Cowboy $

More stallions are being added by the hour. Be sure to follow the Facebook post here to stay up to date with all the amazing horses.

When GOD lays his hand on a situation…..anything, and I do mean anything is possible.REDUCED BREEDING FEES TO THE VERY…

Posted by Susan Beatty Carpenter on Tuesday, October 5, 2021

As of right now they are a little over half way to the goal of raising $50,000 to help Presley get her new heart. Please donate if you feel compelled, consider purchasing a breeding, share her story and lift her and her family in prayer.

We all know there is group that is stronger and more generous than our horse community. Together amazing things can and have been accomplished. Presley’s story needs a happy ending and her family needs some breathing room from the stress of what is still yet to come. It in unfathomable to be forced to hope for a heart transplant for your child to survive, knowing it means another family lost a loved one.  

We pray this family is lifted by the love being sent from this wonderful horse community as they face this battle and know they are not alone.