Major Trends

The hottest show fashion trends for all budgets as we head into the Fall Majors

As the summer fun in the sun transitions to crisp mornings and days of pumpkin spice, horse show enthusiast think of one thing only… Fall Majors!  And for many, whether it is a trip to compete or watch,  the hottest fashion is forefront in their minds. 

These big shows with their trade shows offer a unique opportunity to shop in person for not only the hot trends but to develop your own personal style. We have connected with some of the fashion gurus on what is hot this fall and their tips for nailing your show pen style. 

“When it comes to fashion and colors this year I think green is going to make a statement” shared Michael Broyles from Showgirls Apparel.   “I love a good jewel tone. No matter what color you pick make sure it is complimentary to the rider and the horse so you get a polished look.  Day shirts are very popular right now, they offer versatility in almost every discipline from horsemanship to western pleasure, trail and western riding.  If you are on a budget which I think a lot of people are this year look for a classic piece. You don’t have to spend a lot of money just be mindful to pick a quality designer that has a great reputation. There is a price point on the website for every budget.” 

“After attending three of the largest horse shows in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Scottsdale Arabian, The Sun Circuit and the Cactus Reining Classic, there is one very obvious trend,  The Fitted Shirt” commented Wendy Brown of Show Me Again. “Not only are they comfortable for movement and weight, they are budget friendly. Options are unlimited in colors and the amount of embellishment. I am finding that while plainer fitted shirts are still in demand, clients are demanding more and more embellishment and design. Bold, bright colors such as yellow, orange and pastels combined with neon colors are selling the fastest. The more unique and one of a kind, the faster they are selling. I am still finding that some clients want a fancy show jacket for showmanship or blinged out bolero and fitted shirt combo for larger shows, so don’t expect them to go away any time soon.”

Looking to update your wardrobe, Wendy recommends “a stretch taffeta fitted shirt. We also offer a variety of more one of a kind pieces from designers such as Buffalo Rose by Rachel and Silver Lining Show Apparel.”

On a budget? Show Me Again has some options that will still have you trending the right way without breaking the bank. “Plain fitted shirts start at only $180 for a Platinum Show Apparel ( 

Made in the USA)  Lycra basic and $395 for stretch taffeta, you could add a variety of colors to your wardrobe. They are easily customizable with crystals on the collar and cuff, which is a service we offer, or if you are a DIY, these are a great option.

“I know that everyone likes to talk about trends” noted Carrie Bachey of Just Peachy Show Clothing “but the majority of my clients aren’t trend driven; they wear what makes them feel “special” and most importantly, confident.  That “special” varies pretty greatly across the board, so it’s difficult for me to tell someone what they should or shouldn’t wear because someone else deems it a trend. The best advice is to find that outfit that makes you feel special!”

“I think the industry will see a lot of bright colors this year and fun patterns” shared Dana Wilson of Unbridled Couture.  “The day shirts will continue to be a staple in the show arena and I think we will see the evolution of fun cutout designs and sheer sleeves” 

“One item that needs to be in everyone’s show closet this season is a classic hidden zipper day shirt with unique shoulder and sleeve detailing, or a beautiful, sheer sleeved day shirt with shoulder, cuff, and collar detailing! The most important thing for any level rider is the fit. Don’t be afraid to rock minimal or no bling as long as the garment fits like a glove!”

For 2023 Kevin Garcia of Kevin Garcia Originals has noticed some definitely trending colors. “White, mint, light tan, royal blue, purples are all in style & trending colors right now.”  Kevin continued “hot for 2023 are the Retro Shirts with full sleeve designs. This option allows for more personalization and bling for those who prefer more sparkle without the added heat and weight of a jacket or vest.  The shirts also pair beautifully with a custom matching vest to give the look of a world class show jacket without as much heat and more versatility. We are always looking for new fabrics to make our designs pop and we have some stunning sheer sleeve options. You can ever add a shoulder design in addition to the crystal collar and cuff so your sheer sleeved blouse will sparkle.”

“What’s trending for hats in the show pen is always changing and your more traditional styles are always tried and true” explained Barbara Maitia of Barbara’s Custom Hats. “With that said,  colors always play a huge factor from color coordination to complimenting both you, your horse and making sure it’s appropriate for the events that you show. Many of our customers show multiple disciplines so making sure you can coordinate these outfits to get the most from your hats, chaps, pads and outfits will save money and time when ordering these items. Navy, Buckskin/light tan various shades of Grey, pecan and of course a nice black hat is always a must! Chocolate is slowly becoming more popular and with stitching on the hats we can incorporate that so the hats are more versatile. Colored hats for the youth have been increasingly popular so we’ve seen a huge increase for custom color matching hats to outfits.” 

“SIDE NOTE: yes it’s true, we do have a hat supply shortage! Due to supply chain demands and limited stock available in hat bodies,  please plan  ahead when ordering your hats. Industry wide challenges that if we do not have what you are searching for and need to special order, Hats are running 6-8 weeks, 6-8 months and 12-18 months or longer lead times.”

“Your hat is a personal extension of your style and not all ‘hat trends’ look great on everyone our job is to make that shape perfect for you and still be fashion forward. You don’t have to be rich to afford a nice show hat. Those that are on a tight budget we have hats to suit most everyone. Straws starting $45 and up and felts that you can shape nice are starting at $99 – $169/$189 will get you a nice hat keeping in mind you can always upgrade to a nicer quality at a later date. Most importantly just enjoy! Showing can be stressful so keep things simple. If you don’t know what it is you are looking for or need you can contact the professionals that support the horse show industry and know how to guide you through your show career.”

Danielle Charbonneau of DC Custom Label shared that the “hottest trend continues to be the retro western flair,  with the more modern Western Yoke Design, even sometimes Tassels. There are so many variations now, its finding that one that suits your style. Sheer Sleeves continue to be popular as well, can’t beat them when it comes to those hot days. With the colors for us, I would say Olive is #1, a lot of customers are going to Navy this year, and then the Magentas and Cranberrys are hitting the orders too.”

“For those on a tighter budget – its easy enough to find a basic dress shirt but the most important part is to get it tailored to be more fitted” Danelle advised. “Don’t just go with that standard size and be happy. Make it fit you – it will look better in the show pen.”

Whether you have the “Major” budget to match your style dreams or wish to keep things in check there are options that will help your style be trending on the very best direction, one that makes you feel special and confident as you enter the show arena.