Open Horse Show Association

Show locally . . . Achieve nationally!

Open Horse Show Association members can show at local open, schooling, and 4-H shows to earn points.  For each show simply submit a Competition Form signed off by the show secretary.  OHSA records the points and at the end of the year they present amazing awards. Last year the OHSA awarded over $15,000 in prizes!

New for these times in 2020 is the OSHA Online Horse Show Series. With classes for every level and every horse. Halter, rail classes, pattern events, driving, trail, ranch riding and a full slate of walk/trot classes they have the perfect class for every age and skill level.

Online show class placings count towards OHSA year end awards and are only $7/class to enter. Jackpot payout is made for each class and every exhibitor gets placings as well as both positive and constructive feedback from a carded OHSA judge. You can purchase your entries on the OHSA Website and then upload your competition video on their Facebook.

You must be an OHSA member to participate.

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