3x Super Horse Acadamosby Award Laid to Rest.

For Immediate Release
August 29, 2023


Pilot Point, TX— The day we have dreaded for years has come. Our beloved “Oscar” has been laid to rest. He was 33 years old and lived 30 of those years with us at Highpoint.

Oscar was the horse that put “Jason and Charlie” on the map.

He was the smartest and kindest horse I’ve ever known. Oscar would do anything for Jason and I, and we would do anything for him! With his beautiful movement, incredible athleticism and stunning ring presence, he won 38 World and Reserve World Championships and 3 Super Horse titles. Unmatched in AQHA history! We have been honored to have been his trainers and fully responsible for his care since his retirement at age 14 in 2004! There wasn’t a night we were home that one of us didn’t go check Oscar and give him cookies.

The memories and stories we have with Oscar are our favorites to share. He could escape any stall, turn other horses loose, turn on water faucets and eat all the food he could find. One time his rider Chelsea fell off in the warm up pen at the Congress, and he trotted the length of her body without stepping on her. He then went in and won the youth hunter hack. Or my favorite story, when the psychic came out to talk to our horses. She told us how Oscar loved his life and us, but he didn’t understand why all the other horses got to go in the turn out in front of his stall but he didn’t. It was heartbreaking because there was no way the psychic knew this! So we explained to Oscar that we didn’t turn him out because we were afraid he would run and buck and pull his shoes off and he didn’t have the best front feet. Oscar told us through the psychic that he just wanted to go out and enjoy the sun and would not run or buck and pull his shoes off. We told him when we got home from The World Show that year, we would start turning him out. He won his first Super Horse title that year and came home and was turned out daily for the rest of his career, and of course, he never ran, he never bucked, and never pulled a shoe!

He was the happiest horse we have ever had. He always had his ears forward. Even as his feet were finally giving out, he still met us every time with those perfect Oscar ears and so much life in his eyes.

We have been fortunate and lucky to ride the best of the best horses in AQHA history, but Oscar was the horse that put us on the map and will always be our favorite! Thank you to Chelsea and Vanessa Knox and family for the gift of Oscar.
Our hearts are heavy with sadness, but Oscar will live forever in our hearts and memory.

— Charlie and Jason

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  • 31 August 2023 at 8:25 am

    We lost our girl Sweet April Bond ApHC this year, 2 weeks short of her 35th birthday. While she wasn’t a world champion she was our super horse. We bred and trained and showed her until she retired at age 25. We also catered to her with many diet changes to keep her happy, and she had daily turn out. She was the ‘queen of the barn’ and Queen of our hearts.

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