Will you be a Hero?

Broken Wheel Ranch Project needs some help to get their veterans to the 2020 NSBA World Heroes on Horses.

On Memorial Day we think of the lives lost to protect our freedoms. These brave men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.

It has come to our attention, that a group in our industry that helps support our amazing veterans is having a tough time amid the COVID crisis.  Each year, Broken Wheel Ranch Project depends of a two-tier system to fund their way to the NSBA World Show Heroes on Horses. This trip costs about $10,000 to fund. The NSBA has grants to enroll the riders into the NSBA classes and to fund the stall fees at the venue that the group applies for and that is tier one of the fundraising. The second-tier funds their transportation, food and housing for the two days of the NSBA. Typically, the group depends of a series of raffles and other fundraising events to make this happen. This is where COVID 19 has set them back.

Heather Bottoms, who manages Chocolatey is married to a Veteran, and she brought this to our attention. “I am the wife of Marine veteran, current OKARNG Srgt 1st Class Tony Bottoms. I personally understand the sacrifice and level of dedication combat veterans have provided to our country. To watch these men and women struggle to reintegrate and find a place of belonging when they return home is heartbreaking. To know there are places that unconditionally accept them for who they are and the experiences they have faced is a blessing.”

Broken Wheel Ranch Project and the NSBA Heroes on Horses program are two such places.

Melanie Mincey and her late husband, a Marine without a station, formed The Broken Wheel Ranch Project with two barely broke three year old trail horses and a dream to help disabled combat veterans. Their farm became a place to feel the camaraderie they experienced while serving the military with the benefit of healing through horses.  

“These men and women simply enjoy the company they keep and the fellowship of riding.” Explains Heather. “The high light of their year is this horse show. To be able to help give a veteran a ride, food and place to sleep for two days should not be too much to ask of any one person in our horse industry- but I am not asking one I am asking many. Please do not turn a blind eye. Any amount will help to get them where they need to be, where they should be- in the spotlight to be honored and acknowledged for their service and sacrifice for us all.”

“We all know the escape and solace found in the quiet of a horse. It is a quiet that does not require an amazing pedigree, a resume of accolades or a reputation for production, but rather simply, just a soft eye and a kind soul. Helping get these riders to Tulsa is the right thing to do and I hope that you will see it that way and join me.” Shared Heather. “I look forward to seeing these men & women at the Heroes on Horses program and hope to see you all there too clapping and cheering them on as it should be.”

If you would like to help get these heroes to the NSBA World, please contact Melanie Mincey at The Broken Wheel Project directly. in Bonham, TX. (903) 227-2168.

The NSBA World Show would just not be the same without these incredible people in the pen.

To learn more about the NSBA Heroes on Horses program please click here.