Putting the Best Foot Forward- GGT Footing A Step Ahead of the Competition

GGT-the baseFor over 20 years, GGT Footing has been utilizing pre-consumer, residual Polyester substances. By incorporating the recipe of sand, textiles, and know how, many show managers and professional arena builders are able to promote a better quality of footing for horses and riders alike. The German Geo Textile by GGT Footing that has been installed at several show facilities around the world has a high water storage capability, optimal impact resistance; higher slide strength, additional stability and an extended lifetime of the arena surface.

The quality of our product is very high; the raw material is very specific to our requirements. This is not a product that has been used, chopped up, and made into something. A lot of other footing companies use old sneakers or old rubber tires to create their footing. What we have is remnant material that is clean and 100 percent polyester.

Years ago, construction workers would roll out the polyester textile to use on commercial flat buildings, and then cut the extra material from the sides. It was costly to have the material taken away, but the smart thinking management in Germany, thought of a way to utilize these textiles. Working with suggestions from several European arena builders, GGT Footing created a new use. They used this newly created material to combine with sand, mixing it into a unique and beneficial footing. This was the inception of GGT- Footing.

groomerThe most important thing about GGT- Footing is the consistency, high quality, and the fact that we manufacture in the United States and Germany offering word-wide distribution availability.

Horse show managers have actually told us that their entries have gone up by putting in GGT- Footing because it has earned such a reputable name.

GGT –Footing offers a full suite of arena building amendments.

Popular alternative to heavy loads of rock gravel is to install our GGT-butterfly matting system. ‘This product allows for thinner base material and offers a concussion relief to horses competing in high end performance classes.

westernThe “Butterfly” is a consistent, further development in traditional matting systems – improvements were made on weight (handling, freight costs), quality (production process, certified raw materials, availability, durability) and function (drainage, water retention, stability). Further features are: enlarged water cups in combination with drainage holes to allow thundershower rain to drain quickly, tongue and groove (interlocking to prevent mats from shifting) and knobs (improved footing stability)

GGT Footing is constantly working with consultants and arena builders to add new recipes of mixtures of fiber, elastic fiber, geo textile and even a dust suppressant proprietary blend.-

Polysols/GGT-Footing is committed to the equestrian industry and has maintained a highly regarded reputation for successful installations.

All good arena installs must be maintained properly, GGT Footing custom designed proper grooming equipment.

We offer a full suite of arena conditioning groomers that will keep the investment of your footing for years to come.

With our years of expertise and successful installations and our relationship with the top footing consultants from.

Federation Equestrian International, we are best suited to offer consulting and provision of material for your project.

Our Butterfly Matting system is currently on sale !!

Cal Cynthia Brewster-Keating@ 864-804-0011

Or Catherine Trice at 864-804-8664

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  • March 20, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    Wondering about dust control.We have ‘this footing
    And it is extremely dusty

  • October 27, 2020 at 7:36 am

    GGT is an abbreviation for German Geo Textile. As the name suggests, this is a shredded textile that is made from synthetic polyester, allowing it to have resistance to high heat and bright sun. To use, the textile is mixed into arena sand, ultimately helping increase stabilization, shock absorption, and moisture retention.


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