In Honor of Memorial Day

President Reagan's funeral activities
Sergeant York following the flag-drapped casket of President Reagan. [photo credit: U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Jim Varhegyi]

The and Show Horse Today family would like to take a moment to honor those, both human and animal, who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedom of others and serve their country.

One way to honor the fallen is to understand and pay tribute to the military traditions, such as the riderless horse, formally known as a Caparisoned horse.  The riderless horse is often seen in military funeral processions led by two Marines with the boots placed backwards in the stirrups.  There are two significant meanings to the boots.  The first signifies the rider will ride no more.  Second, it is said to symbolize the fallen soldier taking one last look back at their family and the life he or she left behind.  The tradition is still continued today.

To those that serve and have served, to those that mourn those lost and to all who protect our freedoms we thank  you and honor you.