NSBA Foundation Elects New Officers and Board of Directors

Image courtesy of the NSBA Foundation.
Image courtesy of the NSBA Foundation.

The NSBA Foundation recently elected new officers and board of directors on October 17 during the Quarter Horse Congress.

Congratulations to the following newly elected officials!

Alyssa Ypparila- New NSBA Foundation Board Member

David Dellin- New NSBA President

Susan Knapp – New NSBA Foundation President
Susan Dempze – New NSBA Foundation Vice President
Karen Rodrock – New NSBA Foundation Secretary
Stephen Stephens – New NSBA Foundation Treasurer
Rebecca Hogan- Continuing NSBA Board member
Karen Hornick- Continuing NSBA Board member
Lynn Leedy- Continuing NSBA Board member
Susan Thompson- Continuing NSBA Board member
NSBA also thanks outgoing members Susan Thompson (outgoing NSBA Foundation President) and Patty Campbell (outgoing NSBA president and NSBA Foundation Board member) for their wonderful service and commitment to the organization.  Please feel free to contact any of the above officials with any questions or concerns.  For more information, please visit. NSBA.com and NSBAFoundation.org.