ProSix Equine and K9

ProSix Equine is an equine body wrap used for training and rehabilitation made of knitted and ventilated elastic that connects your horse front-to-back and side-to-side. ProSix builds strength through isometric and concentric exercise produced by the horse’s movement with the gentle resistance of the elastic. 

ProSix connects the horse, enhancing proprioception, sometimes referred to as the sixth sense; creating whole body awareness. ProSix calms with steady, gentle pressure to relieve stress and anxiety. ProSix encourages correct posture with strategically placed support; improving balance and rhythm. 


A key effect of elastic resistance training is a measured improvement to the animal’s endurance, coordination, and strength in movement. The four interconnected bands of ProSix enhance proprioception, create increased awareness to muscle movements and posture, and reinforce security and confidence in the horse as it trains, exercises, and reconditions. Improvements in the horse’s structure and movement are sustained as the horse builds strength to maintain these improvements. ProSix will help you build a better horse.


There are many reasons to consider starting a reconditioning program for your horse. For all the reasons we have mentioned in previous sections, ProSix is a safe, effective way to begin. Starting your new program with ProSix means you begin by encouraging straightness and a more upright posture. These are two huge components that are addressed immediately. The ultimate goal should be to have a more balanced horse with ProSix.


ProSix can be very instrumental in jump starting most rehabilitation problems by it’s ability to help your horse by simply wearing it.  It can be used during stall rest and supervised turnout for limited amounts of time with gradual progression. This way the horse self-limits his activity.  While the ProSix is being worn, he is reminded of proprioception, posture, weight bearing and comforted by the effect of deep touch pressure from the elastic.

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